Why Should You Have a Secondary ISP for Your Business

Having a fast and stable internet connection for your business is a must. After all, it helps ensure that all of your business operations run smoothly. Plus, being subscribed to a good ISP such as Optimum means that you won’t be running into connectivity issues often.

This will save you from experiencing downtime. And you won’t be needing to call the Optimum customer service number for support every now and then. But having access to a great internet connection is not enough.

This is because no matter how good your internet is, technical problems are inevitable. And your provider can have a service outage. 

What will you do then? Well, this is why it is important to have a secondary internet connection for your business. 

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Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Have a Secondary ISP for your Business 

There are many providers in the market that deliver promising services. All you need to do a bit of research. And when you find one, you can get in touch with the company and inquire them about the deals. But having a secondary ISP is also necessary. And here are some of the reasons why:

1- Uninterrupted Access

The purpose of having a secondary internet service is to serve as a contingency plan if you are having troubles with the primary connection. You will easily be able to switch the internet connection, saving you time. This will also not disturb productivity. You will always have access to the internet, allowing you to handle all of your business matters without any hassle. 

2- More Security

A backup internet connection provides safety. For instance, if you are doing an important business call and the internet decides to act up, you will still be able to complete the call successfully, thanks to the secondary connection. Moreover, whenever the provider does unannounced network maintenance, you will still be able to handle your business operations without a hiccup. 

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3- Instant Solution

If there is no backup solution available, it can cost businesses a lot. For instance, they can lose their clients. Also, not to forget how a company’s valuable data can be stolen if they are not careful. Therefore, investing in a secondary internet connection makes sense. It will help you minimize risk. Plus, it will provide an instant solution as the backup internet will go live as soon as the primary connection gets disrupted. 

4- Peace of Mind

Another reason why companies should consider opting for a secondary internet connection is to have some peace of mind. If a business is subscribed to a backup provider, they will be at greater ease as they won’t be missing out on any important business opportunity. It will help companies function as usual even if the primary connection gets interrupted. 

5- Protection of Data

Data is the most valuable asset of any company. Businesses rely on databases to store confidential information. And they are responsible for protecting it. But since the data is collected online, the connection between to and from the workforce and customers have to be constant. And if it’s not, then a company can lose it. However, this risk can be avoided by having a backup internet connection. 

6- Allows to Manage Bandwidth Better

There can be times when your business may require more bandwidth than the internet connection that you are subscribed to can provide. This will cause a lot of problems for your employees, and they won’t be able to work properly. But if you have a secondary connection, you can use SDWAN, which can bring both connections to the same delivery pool, allowing you to expand your bandwidth to fulfill the demand. This will make the connection much faster. 

7- Enhances Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction matters a lot. If a business fails to make its customers happy, they will probably go to your competitor instead. You should know that customers want instant solutions. They want you to respond to them instantly. So, if you don’t have the right internet connection in place, you will have issues while interacting with them. You will neither be able to answer their emails nor will you be able to chat with them on the website. Hence, having a secondary internet connection is important.


The importance of the internet cannot be denied in today’s world. Businesses need a stable connection in order to run their operations smoothly. Hence, it’s not a surprise that they always seek reliable providers. But the truth is that even the best companies can have bad days.

Therefore, it is recommended to have a secondary internet connection so that you can keep your business functions running. 

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