How to Run Your Small Business Better With QuickBooks?

Intuit QuickBooks is one of the most widely used accounting software packages for handling payroll, operations, accounts receivable, and a variety of other financial activities.

QuickBooks Desktop is accounting software designed to assist you in effectively managing your clients, suppliers, and bank accounts.

Managing business money doesn’t have to be a stressful, time-consuming chore any longer — because of QuickBooks’ intuitive design, extensive functionality, and automation, you can wave goodbye to spreadsheets.

What is QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks is among the most well-known and frequently used accounting software packages available, thanks to its extensive capabilities for managing revenue and spending, invoicing and payments, tax deductions, and more for businesses of all kinds – including self-employed individuals. Its popularity derives from its features that its competitors don’t, such as integrated advanced time monitoring.

Whether you are running a small scale home based bakery business, a part time photography business, or an established real estate business that serves multiple cities, QuickBooks has solutions for all types of businesses.

Types Of Quickbooks: Choose Wisely According to The Business

There are different types of versions of Quickbooks which you can choose from that suits your business perspective. 

1- Quickbooks Online

If you don’t run your business out of a typical office, the advantages of this version may appeal to you. Even though the product is fully online, it is safe and secure to use, and it allows you to work on your company documents from anywhere with an Internet connection.

2- Quickbooks Pro

This is the version QuickBooks recommends for new businesses that are just getting started. When you first start using the program, it will give you some pointers and take you via integrating contacts from an email account or an Excel file. The program may be used by up to three employees at the same time, reports can be exported to Excel, and bank transactions can be downloaded.

3- QuickBooks Premiere

This edition is ideal for a company that is not just established but also expanding. It allows you to tailor reports to your industry and business type, such as contractor, retail, or nonprofit. All in one place, you can keep track of your inventory, generate profit reports, and figure out how much it will cost to finish your current job.

4- QB Enterprise Solution

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, being the most comprehensive edition, is designed for the well-established firm that requires extensive inventory control, the capacity to produce complicated reports and more choices for employee rights inside the program. While it is the most expensive version of QuickBooks, it also includes features and capabilities not seen in other editions.

5: QuickBooks For Mac

If you want to run your company on a Mac, there is also a QuickBooks version available for you. Besides the option to generate an accountant copy, QuickBooks for Mac has all of the features of QuickBooks Pro for Windows. It also has a lot of Mac-specific capabilities, such as synchronizing with Mac OS address books and iCal.

Features That Help Your Business To Grow

  • Invoice statuses are visible in real-time.
  • Customer credit transfers between jobs
  • Keeping track of what is due to suppliers
  • Keep track of your sales, costs, and earnings.
  • Invoices may be created and sent in an endless number of ways.
  • Accounts payable management
  • Sales and VAT information in a single click

Multi-currency data entry, stock management, and other capabilities are included with the Premier and Accountant systems. QuickBooks desktop has also a feature called Auto Data recovery Quickbooks that helps a user to retrieve the data, in case of Data loss or data damage. 

Final Verdict!

So, here we are! We come up to the conclusion to wind up this topic here. Hopefully, you like the article where you get to know about the Quickbooks accounting software that helps your business grow up steadily.   

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