5 Facebook Giveaway Ideas to Promote your Business

Facebook is the world’s largest online social networking platform with more than 2.85 billion active users globally. It is definitely a requisite place to reach your potential customers and increase sales but just simply appearing on Facebook is not enough. Running contests is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness and generate more sales and for this, you need awesome Facebook giveaway ideas.

So, if Facebook contests are part of your marketing plan, knowing about the best giveaway options can be a great way to make your campaigns result-oriented. On the other hand, if the marketing section of your business plan is missing Facebook contests, it’s better to review the plan and have a well thought Facebook campaigns outlined as a priority.

This article will discuss the five best Facebook giveaway ideas, but before that, let’ review the idea of running Facebook contests, and the ingredients of an effective campaign.

What You Need to Run a Facebook Contest

Although there are several tools like Raffle Press available to run better Facebook contests, and they provide step by step guidelines to create and run contest based campaigns, it’s better to know some basics.

Make sure the contest based campaign that you plan to run follows the guidelines listed below:

  • Set a clear goal for your contest, i.e. how many signups, reach, engagement you want to achieve with this campaign.
  • Choose exciting and relevant prizes; this is where the Facebook giveaway ideas will be helpful.
  • Follow Facebook rules.
  • Giveaway rules should be very specific & detailed.
  • Use attractive pictures & titles; product photography tips will be equally effective to create photos for contests.
  • Keep your Facebook contests simple, so more people can be part of it without a hesitation/
  • Make sure your Facebook contest is mobile friendly, i.e. it doesn’t require users to do something which is only available through Facebook for desktop.
facebook giveaway ideas

Now you know the characteristics of a great Facebook contest, let’s explore the list of best Facebook giveaway ideas.

5 Best Facebook Giveaway Ideas

While creating a Facebook contest, it’s very important to put some real thoughts on the best type of prizes you can offer, so the contestants will be more eager to participate and spread the word about it. Depending on your business model and the industry, you may come up with literally hundreds of Facebook giveaway ideas, but we will list only five that can be applied in almost any industry for a business of any shape and size.

1- Win a Product

Probably, the best Facebook giveaway idea is to simply offer one of your products for free, especially, the one you have just released or premium or a limited edition item. You can make win a product even more special to the winner by offering customized products.

For Example, if you have a clothing brand, you can offer marked products to win or even let customers choose their own colors and styles or personalized with their name/initials, etc.

Win a product idea can be introduced by options like leave a comment to win, tag a friend who should win it with you, answer a question to win a product, etc.

2- Win a Service

If you are running a service-based business, you can offer a Facebook giveaway like win-free or upgraded services. For example, if you are a beautician, you can give away free hair cut & color or can come up with another creative way to package your services like offer an upgraded service to people. Instead of simply offering a free haircut, you could offer free makeup services to winners who purchase hair services.

If you are a product-based business, and you have already done the product giveaway contest, you may want to run another contest with a “free service” from one of your strategic partners.

3- Win a Voucher Worth $XXX

Whatever prize voucher you choose should make sense for the customers so that they buy more & more from a variety of products/services. Choosing a $20 voucher possibly won’t induce customers to enter so win a voucher worth (suppose $300) could be a good option. In fact, the average value of a social media giveaway voucher is $350.

A voucher giveaway is great when you are not sure if the audience will be interested in your certain product, so you give them to choose what they like. They feel more empowered with a choice.

You can offer this giveaway (win a voucher) opportunity through giveaway ideas like click to win, join a newsletter, guessing game, vote for a product, etc.

4- Win a Voucher Worth $XXX for Another Brand

You can offer a Facebook giveaway voucher for the products that are not from your brand but from the brand with which you are collaborating.

For example, if you have a kids clothing store, you can collaborate with a toy store that shares the same target audience and give away any free or discounted voucher for another brand’s products to enlarge the customers of both brands.

5- Win a Gift Hamper

One of the other best Facebook giveaway ideas is to offer gift hampers to your customers like;

  • Offer a gift basket full of products to appeal customers in your area.
  • Seasonal gift hamper: if you have any special edition product like breweries could put together with a package of fall flavors to giveaway at the start of the season.

Introduce this giveaway idea by sharing product hacks, refer a friend, or visit in-store, etc.

Summing it up

Undoubtedly, the possibilities for Facebook giveaway ideas are endless and a great way to quickly acquire new potential customers who are suitable for your business over the long term.

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