5 Business Ideas for Artists & Creative Individuals

For many artists, the idea of starting a business can be overwhelming because many artists just rely on their own artistic skills, and marketing and sales can be tricky for them. If you are an artist and looking to start your own art business, you may have queries in mind like:

  • Is art a good business?
  • Can artists be rich?
  • Is being an artist a good career?
  • How do I turn my art into a business?

To sum up all these questions in one answer;

Yes, art is a good business and you can make a decent living selling your art. Some artists have become rich using their talent, but not all artists become rich. If you are a creative individual with expertise in a certain type of art or craft, being an artist is definitely a great career choice. 

In fact, with a well thought business plan, dedication, and hard work, you can turn your art into a profitable business. 

The specialties of art like painting, craftwork, photography, teaching, horticulture, graphic design, etc. are much in demand not just by rich households, but also by the general population who are looking to show their love for art and creativity at home, or at the workplace. 

Artistic work and crafts are also in high demand in commercial settings, i.e. office design and decor, outdoor setting, events, and much more. 

This article will discuss some of the best business ideas for artists and creative individuals who have expertise in certain crafts and answer your most frequently asked questions, such as:

  • What business can I start with art?
  • What creative business can I start?
  • How do I price my art?
  • How do I start selling my art?
  • What is the hottest art business to start?
  • How can I make money with art skills?
  • How do I create a creative business idea?

Luckily, with the advent of technology, starting and doing business is easier than ever before. Moreover, with the availability of various online platforms, artists today have better opportunities to craft their own niche and become leaders in their field. 

Today is the world of technology, so other than just the art exhibitions, there’s a lot of options to demonstrate your art both in-person and online. You can sell your art online through many online platforms like freelancing websites, joining online seminars and exhibitions, making your own website, through major retailers in your region, blogging, Vlogging, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. and more.

Conversely, in-person displays don’t wait for typical art exhibitions and go with corporate offices, restaurants, churches, libraries, and upscale bookstores.

Since you yourself are a creative soul, and you might not want to do a business that everyone else is doing. This article will discuss some of the best art business ideas for artists and creative individuals that you can use for your inspiration.

5 Best Business Ideas for Artists & Creative Individuals

You may not just want to sell your art in physical format, but also as a digital asset, teaching art, and empowering others to use your art as an inspiration. Let’s explore the five art business ideas you might want to try.

1- Sell Your Art & Craft on Amazon

A lot of people today are looking forward to buying good art and decorating their home or office so you should develop your artistic skills in a specific niche and market your art & crafts online in the right way. 

There are a variety of online platforms that allow you to sell your art online and one of them is Amazon.

Artists sell a range of handmade products like jewelry, pottery, clothing, cosmetics, and other items on Amazon. Once you join Amazon you will see clients pouring in to buy your art in no time.

For selling your art & crafts on Amazon you will first require to take approval from Amazon before listing your art for sale. You will be needed to provide your accurate documents, performance checks, and other qualifications for your work’s visibility and sales.

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2- Teach Art Online

If you have any artistic skills then you can spread this knowledge by teaching it to others. You can offer online art courses, can create educational social media content, or may also create online courses that other teachers can buy from you to teach in their art classes.

There are a lot of online educational platforms are present like:

  • Learn Worlds  
  • Teachable 
  • Tutor.com 
  • Udemy 
  • Buddy School and many others.

In order to make the most out of your teaching art business idea, you must take time to explore the above portals and understand how each of these works. Then make a choice based on what works best for you. 

You must know that choosing the right teaching platform that works for you and spreading the word about your course is the key to the success of this art business idea.

3- Art Blogging & Vlogging

Firstly, talking about blogging is a great way to express your thoughts and can be extremely rewarding for artists both on a business and artistic level. There are many free online blogging platforms (wordpress.com, Blog.com, Blogger, Typepad, Micro, Jux, Tumbler, Weebly, and many others) are present. By using these platforms you can create your own art blogs and share your ideas to reach out to your audience.

Vlog consists of making a video so you can use it as a way to share your artistic processor can provide a tutorial guide for creative practices. YouTube is the best platform for showing your artistic Vlogs.

You may also consider getting a self-hosted blog as a primary platform to display your artwork, and then use platforms like Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, & LinkedIn, etc. to spread the word about it.

4- Start a Creative Agency

As an artist, starting a creative agency can be a very rewarding business idea for you by offering branding consulting, art consulting, and many other relevant services.

Every business needs strong branding, so you can serve as a branding consultant by offering design, photography, and copy skills and can give a complete artistic picture of a creative project. 

Similarly, you can also serve yourself as an art consultant by helping customers to find the right art piece for their personal collections.

5- Start a Creative Events Business

There is no pipeline to get into event planning so it can be very interesting to start your own creative events business. All needed is your willingness to work hard then you can easily start your journey to creative events business.

You can organize events like exhibitions, seminars, competitions, webinars, parties, reunions, dining & catering etc. for creative people.


The above are just a few art business ideas that can give you a direction. In reality, there can be literally hundreds of business ideas for artists and creative individuals, such as, selling your art skills on Fiverr.com and similar platforms, selling your creative assets to leading retailers and other prominent businesses in your region or anywhere in the world, partnering up with art galleries and creative platforms, starting your own brand, and much more. 

In simple words, if you are an artist and looking to sell your art, you can do it directly or indirectly, through offline mediums as well as online platforms, with the help of marketing partners and on your own. All you need to do is to make a start and think that sky’s the limit.


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