Best Catchy, Cool & Funny Food Truck Name Ideas

Food trucks are one of the most popular micro business ventures that are increasingly becoming popular in big cities as well as emerging as one of the most profitable small town business ideas. And, there are tens of options to start a food truck with a very low budget, i.e. fast food, pizza & pasta, specialty cuisine, snacks, breakfast and whatever else your creativity can come up with.

You can either cook or bake in your home kitchen and sell home baked goods and cooked stuff on a food truck or get a small kitchen built in your food truck itself. There are several other advantages of a food truck over a regular restaurant. For instance:

  • It is significantly lower upfront investment.
  • Overhead costs are way lower than regular restaurants.
  • You can change your menu and pricing for marketing frequently.
  • You can move your business anytime, anywhere which is not that easy in the case of a regular restaurant. 
  • Having your cool business name on your truck, it is doing free marketing and advertising wherever it passes by.
  • You can change the design and marketing messages on your truck more conveniently and faster.

So if have a food truck business plan in hand, you must know that registering your business with the State Division of Corporations and possibly on a local level as well is the most important step in starting your food truck business. And for this very reason, you need a unique business name.

This article will discuss how to name your food truck business, i.e. ideas and tips for coming up with creative, catchy, funny and cool food truck names. The core purpose of naming a business is for legal purposes, but having a great name gives you a competitive advantage in marketing.

How to Name Your Food Truck Business

You might already have some good food truck name ideas for your business in mind, and this article will help you sort out your list and come up with the best food truck name which is cool, catchy, brandable and complements what you offer in your food truck.

Ideally you can name your business in the following patterns.

  • Naming after yourself.
  • Naming after specialty or cuisine.
  • Naming after a location.
  • A cool funny name. 

Whatever the business name you select for your food truck business, make sure you have considered the following points.

  • Avoid names that are hard to spell; a hard to spell name will be hard to remember for your customers.
  • Avoid offensive elements in your business name, i.e. many food truck owners make a mistake of using names with sexual innuendos.
  • Don’t limit your name to just one food, as you might be selling more than just that one thing.

Let’s get started step by step and see how to name your food truck the best way.

Name it After Yourself

You are the food truck owner, the boss, and the person behind the idea of starting this mobile food outlet, so naming it after yourself is just a great idea. Be proud to put your name out there on your food truck.

Good Food Truck Names After Their Owner Examples

  • Bob’s Pizza & Pasta
  • John the Sandwich Guy
  • Jack’s Snacks
  • Bob’s Diner
  • Sam’s Tacos
  • Jimmy’s Fish & Chips
  • Dave’s Recipes
  • Don’s Kitchen on the Go
  • Drake the Chef
  • Mary’s Kitchenette
  • Robbie’s Special
  • Jess & Smith

Name it After Your Specialty

Whether it’s a specific cuisine, i.e. Mexican, Italian, Indian or a food (burgers, sandwiches) that you make great, a business name after your specialty can be cool. 

Cool Food Truck Names After Specialty Examples

  • Fish & Chips Van
  • The Burger Bus
  • The Ice Cream Bar
  • The Best Potatoes
  • Seafood on the Go
  • The Pasta Guy
  • Cupcakes & Coffee
  • Egglicious
  • Pancake Wagon
  • Biryani Bus
  • Taco Train
  • Mr. Waffle
  • Toasted Delights

If you are going to offer a specialty cuisine line Mexican food, naming your food truck after cuisine is a great idea. 

Mexican Food Truck Name Ideas

  • Burrito Wagon
  • Amigos Grill
  • Taco Barrio
  • Tortilla Bonita
  • Rice & Spice
  • Chillies & Cheese
  • Miguel Amigo
  • Antonio’s Special
  • Tortilla & Taco
  • Tex Mex
  • MexHeaven
  • Feasty Quesadilla
  • Maria’s Mexican Food

Name it After a Location

You can name your food truck after your hometown, state, city, county, town or even your street. Since the food truck will always be on the go and you might be exploring many new neighborhoods, it can be a great way to promote your hometown or locality to new people.

Catchy Food Truck Name Ideas After a Location

  • Arizona Grilled Cheese
  • Philly Steaks
  • Richmond Cakes & Bakes
  • Buffalo Fries & Wings
  • Madison Healthy Fast Food
  • Jersey Cheese & Chicken
  • Food Street Wagon
  • 1000 Islands Eats & Treats
  • Orlando Spice
  • Riverside Tastes
  • Miami Bites

Name it Funny

A funny food truck name can be cool and catchy too. Having the fun element in your marketing materials always attracts customers, so why not have some fun filled name for your food truck for best marketing.

Best Funny Food Truck Name Ideas

  • The Wicked Taco
  • Tech Burgers
  • Lord of the Fries
  • King Ed Bread
  • Frying Nemo
  • Y Not Chinese
  • Silver Spoon
  • Hungry Bunny
  • Holy Smoke
  • Bite n Spice
  • Egglectric
  • Dash Brown
  • Mama Chicken
  • Food on Wheels
  • Speedy Eats

Final Thoughts on Finding the Best Food Truck Names

Naming your food truck correctly is important and so it may require some time to come up with the best food truck name for your business. Ideally you should write down all the ideas that pop up in your mind with the above research steps. Once you have a list of some catchy and cool business ideas for your food truck in hand, you can filter out for the best one yourself or get your family and friends to vote for the best name.

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